Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You: What Does Your Family Think of Your Writing?

They’re very supportive! I couldn’t do it without my husband Barry. Honestly. I know a lot of the time that sort of thing is said with a pinch of insincerity, but I really mean it. He encourages me, badgers me, cajoles me, bribes me… Anything I need to get me to get words on paper. Until he started being my personal cheerleader, I had a quarter of a manuscript languishing in a digital bottom drawer. Now it’s finished and I’ve written several drafts of the sequel! Amazing!

The Fam

Generally, my family are really supportive of my writing. Aunts, uncles, my parents and brother, the in-laws, the husband’s wider family… From reading excerpts to sharing posts and helping promote, they’ve been absolutely fantastic – and I am very grateful and very blessed!

The best thing about my family is that they’ve never once said I couldn’t do it, or I wouldn’t make it. My dad in particular has been really supportive, and points out that you just don’t know what’s going to happen in this world. It might be a success, it might not. But the most important thing is that I tried – which is exactly how he and my mum raised me.

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