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Book Review: Ender’s Game

Ender Wiggin is Battle School’s latest recruit. His teachers reckon he could become a great leader. And they need one. A vast alien force is headed for Earth, its mission: the annihilation of all human life. Ender could be our only hope. But first he must survive the most brutal military training program in the galaxy…

With its explosive storyline, pump-action excitement and hugely engaging central characters, Ender’s Game is 2002’s absolute must-read for teenaged boys. Forget schools for wizards, this is where the real action is.

Rating: 4*

Recommended For: 14+

Themes: Loyalty, friendship, family, conflict, morality

LGBTQIA+ Content: None

I took a foray into Sci-Fi for this week’s review and I decided to go for a classic rather than a newer release. I’d heard a lot about Ender’s Game and I have to say, there was a lot that I enjoyed.

Ender is a Third child in a world where families are only permitted to have two children. However, Ender’s family produces highly intelligent children, and while his brother Peter and sister Valentine didn’t make it to the battle school, the government wanted one more shot at getting their perfect general – and they got in Ender.

Highly intelligent, far more advanced than your average child, Ender is pushed to his limits and beyond, all because of the threat of the “Buggers” – a race of alien insectoids that have attacked Earth.

Once you get beyond the strangeness of having a young child with the mind of a teenager/adult, this is a compelling read with a lot of interesting concepts. The Battle School is terrifying because I can imagine it transferring from Sci-Fi into reality.

This is a great read for teens, especially but not exclusively boys. No LGBTQIA+ content but the book does deal with issues of identity and acceptance in different ways.

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