Getting to Know You: What defines you?

I thought this would be a good question today. The inspiration was that I was teaching a lesson about motivational speaking. We watched a video of a TED talk, of a speech by Lizzie Velasquez, about just this topic.

What defines me?

I had to think hard about this, as I realised it’s something I haven’t considered before.

It got me thinking. What does define me?

Identity is something I explore in my novels, whether it’s historical or fantasy fiction. I like to explore how characters feel, how they think, and how they come to conclusions. I love developing multifaceted, genuine people. I want my readers to find someone to resonate with. In fact, if nothing in a character resonates with me, I consider the character to be a failure.

So what does define me?

I think the main thing that defines me is compassion. I try and be compassionate with all I meet, human or animal. I always try and put myself in someone else’s shoes. Why are they saying that? Why are they behaving that way? The most important thing in this world, in my opinion, is compassion.

So I’ll finish how Lizzie finished. I’ll ask the question: what defines you?

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