Getting to Know You: What do you do when inspiration runs dry?

I guess it depends on why inspiration has run dry. If it’s inspiration on one project, I might move on to something else instead. If it’s inspiration for writing in general, that’s a different story.

A friend of mine once told me that she goes on “creativity dates” to places like museums, or to concerts. Her reasoning? We use so much creativity as writers that it’s absolutely necessary to restore the creative reserves. I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that.

Sometimes, we push ourselves too hard for too long. It’s important to remember that while creativity is infinite, it’s not always on tap. Sometimes, you have to let yourself recharge.
I find that in times where I lack inspiration for any project, I’m running at a creativity deficit. At those times, it’s important to read, watch, consume others’ creativity. All of these thing help to bring my spark back.

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