Covid-19 Diaries: Quarantine Birthday

I’ve had a run of bad luck with birthdays. 2017: in hospital. 2018: in hospital. 2019: morning sickness. 2020: quarantine. Honestly, I should stop having birthdays.

You might think today was shit for me. Alone all day looking after the two kids, and as soon as the husband finally arrived back after a 13 hour shift, we collapse into bed.

Actually, today wasn’t shit. So many people wished me happy birthday. I got lots of texts, phone calls, and a few video chats. My mum and dad even called me to sing “Happy Birthday.” And people were lovely. Lots of well wishes in spite of the global pandemic locking us all in. People are awesome.

As well, it was a beautiful day. I don’t think I can recall a birthday when I’ve had to put on sunscreen, but today I did and I loved it. Myself and the kids and the dog spent so much time in the back garden, and we had a lovely walk – I’ve now managed to stretch our walk to 1.7 miles, though I think that’s the limit. Can’t take a double buggy where there ain’t no footpaths.

Spot the dog!

I also finally got all the elastic tacked on to my latest donation of face masks, and I even got my most recent royalty check for my books. I had a great call with my community psychiatric nurse who assured me that everything I’ve done over the past week to reduce my anxiety has been great. We talked and reflected that I’ve come a huge way since 2017. And you know what? I’m proud of myself.

Today could have been shit, but it wasn’t. That’s the impact other people can have. It’s why I stick by the old adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” You can hurt and destroy with a word or a look, but on the flip side your kindness and consideration can turn a crap situation into something special. So for that, and for those who took the time to help make today a great birthday, I am very thankful.

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