Getting to Know You: How do you develop your plots and characters?

It’s a lengthy process! Honestly, the characters that I have now are a very far cry from the characters I had when I first conceived the story many years ago. Emmy used to be a much darker character, and she committed suicide in the narrative, only to be brought back to life. She was a […]

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Getting to Know You: Are You a Plotter or a Pantser?

I do a bit of both, really. I’m a strange sort, and I flit between uber-plotting and “pantsing” – writing by the seat of your pants! I need to know what the ending is before I do anything else. I already know what the ending of my series is, and everything I write works towards […]

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Getting to Know You: What part of your story came to you first?

The relationship between the three main characters was the first thing that settled, although originally there were only two characters, and they were both male. The idea of one character appearing and being taken under the wing of another has always been a constant in the first few chapters. However, the first incarnation was 8very […]

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