#Prowrite: Effective Description- Personification and Zoomorphism

Last week we looked at the most common descriptive techniques beyond adjectives: similes and metaphors. This week, we're going to get a little more technical. Personification Personification is the giving of human characteristics to a non-human object or an animal. It's a relatively common type of description, though not used as frequently as similes and… Continue reading #Prowrite: Effective Description- Personification and Zoomorphism

Tuesday Inspo

Tuesday Inspo!

Today's inspiration comes, once more, from! Jouska: a hypothetical conversation you have with yourself over and over again. Who hasn't done this? Hopefully it'll spark something within you. Happy writing!


#Prowrite: Effective Description – Similes and Metaphors

Last week we looked at the use of nouns, verbs and adjectives in description. This week we're going to get a little bit more technical by looking at the first of our writer's craft methods: similes and metaphors. Both of these are techniques that create meaning by association. Remember, if 'like' or 'as' are used… Continue reading #Prowrite: Effective Description – Similes and Metaphors


#Prowrite: Effective Description – Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

When we discuss writer's craft, often people jump straight to similes, metaphors and symbolism. While mastery of these skills is important, the basic building blocks of language should not be ignored. Sometimes a skilful choice of noun, verb or adjective can be more effective than an elaborate metaphor could hope to be. Let's take an… Continue reading #Prowrite: Effective Description – Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives