The Sun Emperor

Arc of the Sky Book II

Mantos has fled, but Emmy won’t give up so easily. If the prince of the realm won’t stand up to Darkness, this humble apothecary’s apprentice will.

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Mantos Tiboli, unwilling to die again for the Stranger’s plan, has fled. He becomes No one, the Masvam renegade wreaking havoc across the empire. But no matter how far he goes, he must still make a decision: keep running or face his destiny.

Bandim-Dorai, the self-styled Sun Emperor, continues to deepen his power. Hee seeks to destroy the Althemerians, but more than that, he wants to claim his ultimate revenge. His mother’s life.

Emmy finally meets the mysterious Bomsoi and learns of her destiny to become the Heart of Nunako. There’s one problem: Mantos’ disappearance. Emmy and her friends must journey through treacherous Masvam territory to find him. If they don’t, the world is doomed.

A must read for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Samantha Shannon.

Available in paperback, audio book and on Kindle. Published by Castrum Press.